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Hatena Blog Pro is a premium service for serious blog users. Create your own domain name and remove all ads from your blog to make your blogging experience more convenient.

Upgrade to Hatena Blog Pro

Additional blogs

You can make up to 10 additional blogs, instead of the standard 3. You can can create blogs such as a personal diary, a photo blog, a blog about books or movies, or blogs about studying languages and organize them anyway you like.

Custom domain

Start blogging with your own original domain name. Use the easy settings of Hatena Blog Pro to get started right away.

No ads displayed

You can choose to turn off the ads displayed below your blog entries. This is a good feature to make your blog page design clutter-free.





Hide header and footer

The page header and footer that appear regardless of your design or layout settings in the standard version of Hatena Blog are hidden. In addition, you can use an original design or custom domain to create a more personal blog (PC only).



Add more photo upload storage

Increase your monthly upload limit on Hatena Fotolife from 300MB/month to 3GB/month. You can also use all of the premium features of Hatena Fotolife Plus.

Plan comparison

Price As low as about 600 JPY per month (tax included)* For subscribers to the 2 year plan FREE
Additional blogs Up to 10 Up to 3
No ads displayed ×
ブログメンバー ×
Photo upload limit Up to 3GB (3,000MB)/month Up to 300MB/month
Custom domain ×
Don't add Keyword Link ×
Hide header and footer ×
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